Hosting Jump: The success story from 2011 until today

Boryana Popova

Hosting Jump is one of the successful hosting companies - a trusted partner for a range of small and large online projects - websites for services, online shops, media, corporate sites, blogs, etc.

On the threshold of our 13th birthday (in 2024), we go back to the time when the company took its first steps in the hosting business, to its current path of success, to feel the pulse of the people behind it.

Hosting Jump: The Initial Spark for the Project

One summer evening in 2010, while relaxing on the terrace, some good friends joke that one day they will have their own hosting company where everything will be as it should be. And here's the warning: "Be careful what you wish for!" - caught up with them very soon.

Just a few months later - in early 2011 - one of them reminded them of what they had been talking about with an offer to try it out, because they have the necessary expertise in system administration, backed up by cordial customer support - two of the key success factors.

They chose the name Jump - with the association of a springboard to success, as the company still is today for the customers who trust it!

They registered the company on 8 February 2011 and 9 days later - on 17 February - the real activity began - with the full range of hosting services that are still available today - including shared hosting and virtual servers (VPS).

They split their activities - who would take care of the administration and management tasks, who would take care of system administration, and who would take care of customer support.

But like any beginning, this is not only difficult but very difficult. They have to look beyond their expertise and deal with typical start-up tasks such as choosing an accounting system (which is still used today), dealing with accounting case studies, and other non-technical activities.

The first servers they used were located in Germany, as they were financially more favorable. Later, to meet the needs of their customers in Bulgaria, they added a location - Bulgaria - and became a customer of Delta Cloud.

The business was successful, and the customer base was growing, but 2015 was proving to be a turning point for the company that had already taken off. One of the company's driving forces decides to take a new path in life, which presents an obstacle for the small and close-knit team.

Faced with the need to seek support outside the company, it is natural for them to turn to the partner that provides them with the infrastructure (servers) for the Bulgarian site, namely - Delta Cloud.

For the owner - Dragomir Zhelev - the offer comes at the right time, as he wants to expand Delta Cloud's business with additional services. He sets the condition that he would buy Hosting Jump's business, but only if the team is retained and thus - realistically - both parties are satisfied.

The next milestone in Hosting Jump's history will be at the end of 2019 when the company takes over NovaHost and expands the business with new customers, a new location – France - and new expertise in the face of the team behind the company.

In the meantime, the UK has been added to the locations where Hosting Jump offers shared hosting, and at the moment there are 4 locations - Bulgaria, Germany, France, and the UK.

Another step forward and upwards will follow at the end of 2022. After the successful implementation of OpenStack in the Delta Cloud - the first Bulgarian hosting company with this achievement - the Hosting Jump servers in Bulgaria were also migrated to it. Thus, all Hosting Jump customers and partners can benefit from the cloud technologies and the success of Delta Cloud.

After this relatively short review of the steps of Hosting Jump's success, let us take a look behind the scenes at the people who are not in the spotlight, but who have overcome all the company's challenges with their expertise, perseverance, and will to keep going - onwards and upwards!

On the Road to Success

Two of the significant figures in the company have been with it since its foundation. Let's start with them - Valentin Jorov and Tihomir Georgiev.

Valentin Dzhorov - From Hosting Jump to Delta Cloud

Valentin Dzhorov, or as we call him - Val, is one of the founders of Hosting Jump, who is still close to the company and sympathizes with its challenges and successes. When the company was founded, he became involved in system administration.

Valentin Dzhorov - co-founder of Hosting Jump and a system administrator at Delta Cloud

Valentin Dzhorov - one of the co-founders of Hosting Jump and now a system administrator at Delta Cloud.

After the change of ownership in 2015, Val stayed with the company and focused on the challenges at Delta Cloud Ltd – projects for larger customers, implementation of customized solutions, automation, etc.

The two, together with Nedelin Petkov, are behind the successful implementation of OpenStack in Delta Cloud Ltd's cloud infrastructure, making Delta Cloud the first Bulgarian hosting company with this achievement.

OpenStack is an innovative and high-tech cloud management platform that ties the hands of system administrators and offers many competitive advantages to customers who trust Delta Cloud and Hosting Jump.

What motivates Valentin is the desire to know and do more - curiosity coupled with expertise and patience to get to the bottom of a problem or knowledge. This is also the reason why he knows how to carry the Prometheus torch in the team - to be a successful and productive lecturer at internal training courses and to make complex knowledge accessible - for all of us!

Tihomir Georgiev – Forever Hosting Jump!

Tihomir Georgiev - or as we call him Tishu - was at Hosting Jump before Hosting Jump existed! He was committed to testing the company's services before it started working, and he still cares about the peace of mind and success of his clients and partners today! We can say that this is the living history of Hosting Jump, written by him!

Tihomir Georgiev – Technical Support Manager at Hosting Jump - was dedicated to the company even before it was founded.

Tihomir Georgiev – Technical Support Manager at Hosting Jump - was dedicated to the company even before it was founded.

After testing the services before launching their effective offering to customers, he was invited to join the company's team and get involved in customer support.

After transferring in 2015, Tihomir was invited to develop in the field of system administration at Delta Cloud Ltd. but decided to continue his professional path, staying close to Hosting Jump customers, and developing and leading the support team.

With a smile and joy, he welcomes the new faces to the team to guide them through the software and infrastructure maze, making them feel safe and relaxed in the team and giving them the support and comfort they need.

Tisho confirms that he is emotionally attached to Hosting Jump and considers the company his child. He is happy that the brand name will remain, as well as the cheerful and playful spirit with the avatar (a frog) that is also going through its metamorphosis, but we will dedicate time to it later in our walk.

Petar Hristov - From Novahost to Hosting Jump and Only Forwards!

Petar Hristov joined the Hosting Jump team from the hosting company NovaHost at the end of 2019 (officially from 1 January 2020). He entered the hosting world ten years ago when he offered CS servers that could be easily purchased with an SMS payment.

He managed to achieve good profitability, developed hosting services, and took care of expanding NovaHost's customer portfolio, but realized that this business would be more successful in a team, which is why he joined the Hosting Jump team. Those who know and can find and collect.

Petar Hristov - founder of Nova Host acquired by hosting Jump in 2020, now in the hosting Jump team.

Petar Hristov - founder of Nova Host acquired by hosting Jump in 2020, now in the hosting Jump team.

If you ask him where his strengths lie, he will modestly answer that he is a jack of all trades, i.e. he can handle any position because he has already held every single role in the team. He currently has the responsibility of a system administrator, coding and responding to every call from colleagues and customers who need support.

Aside from his professional passions, he is passionate about traveling and exploring the world, which is guaranteed to broaden his worldview with each new destination. When asked which of the countries he has visited is his favorite, he replies that it is Sri Lanka, from where we also share his precious moments in the recordings:

Petar Hristov in Shri Lanka

His urge to challenge himself takes him high up into the mountains to run marathons. His goal for 2023 is to complete the Kom - Emine route in less than 10 days (normally 21-24 days), and we will support him! To be useful to the community, he also maintains a YouTube channel, which is not aimed at bragging about his achievements, but at giving advice and guidance to those who share his passion.

Petar Hristov travelling in the world.

Plami – Our Technical Support Lady!

The hosting world is not exactly a ladies' world. So it's a surprise that a pearl shines in the technical support team! She told us that she has always been interested in computers - software, hardware, games - and started learning JavaScript with the idea of getting into programming.

At that moment, the offer came to join our team, where she grew professionally under the supervision of Tihomir Georgiev. During her training period at Jump, she fell in love with Linux.

Our field requires learning new things every day, which only gives her satisfaction. Her current challenge is the LPIC certification and we can't wait to congratulate her on this achievement too!

Borkata - The Youngest Member of the Team!

Borislav Stoyanov, also known as Borkata, is the youngest member of our team! He was already interested in Linux when he was at school, which is why he later focussed on working in this area.

Thus begins his adventure at Hosting Jump. The engineers in the Technical Support and System Administration departments help him to familiarise himself more quickly and confidently with the specifics of our business. He is currently preparing for LPIC certification.

Borislav Stoyanov - a technical support specialist.

Borislav Stoyanov - a technical support specialist.

He has the ambition to create video content for the Hosting Jump YouTube channel with useful and carefully selected information based on the customer inquiries he answers daily.

On a personal level, he loves sports! He trains in tennis and swimming, skis, and plays volleyball and football. A rich palette of activities, both individual and team sports, which develops his ability to manage tasks on his own, but also to be a good team player in our team.

Sales Team

The sales department is the sweet flowers in the team – Stylyana Kolev, Elitsa Manoilova, and Sofia Nikolova. They are doing extremely well in this atypical segment for ladies, thanks to their many years of experience, attentiveness, and customer care!

Elitsa Manoilova (left) and Stilyana Kolev (right) from the Sales team, together with Boryana Popova (Marketing Manager) in the middle

Elitsa Manoilova (left) and Stilyana Kolev (right) from the Sales team together with Boryana Popova (Marketing Manager) in the middle.
Sofia Nikolova - sales specialist at hosting Jump.

Sofia Nikolova - sales specialist at hosting Jump.

The biggest challenge for them is to recognize exactly what the customer needs. Often people entering the digital world have a clear concept for their online presence but need a trustworthy partner for successful implementation.
This is exactly where they meet the helping hand of the sales team, who patiently and carefully analyze the concept to offer the best solution.

The key to success, according to our gentle flowers, is effective communication. There is a solution for every case when both parties join hands and discuss the possible options to choose the best one.

Dev Team

The development team is almost always in the shadows for customers because it has no direct contact with them, but it is just as important for the team as everyone else on the team! They implement the interfaces and functionalities that we need to be close to the customer in the digital world and respond to their needs! They always try to keep up with new technologies and often experiment with them.

Georgi Dimitrov - dev. manager

Georgi Dimitrov - dev. manager

Our Dev Master - Georgi Dimitrov has over 10 years of experience in the development and optimization of web-based applications and e-business. Over the years he has been involved in the development of several digital projects for large Bulgarian and foreign companies.

Georgi Dimitrov (right) and the youngest member of the dev. team - Galin Stoimenov (left) - a promising back-end developer.

Georgi Dimitrov (right) and the youngest member of the dev. team - Galin Stoimenov (left) - a promising back-end developer.

As head of the Dev team, Georgi is involved in the implementation of new-generation infrastructure solutions in the field of cloud services and managed hosting solutions. He is interested in new methods for performance testing and optimization of common web development platforms and systems.

Tom Atanasov (right), Borislav Stoyanov (left), and Valentin Dzhorov (in the middle) - discussing a case in the conference room at hosting Jump.

Tom Atanasov (right), Borislav Stoyanov (left), and Valentin Dzhorov (in the middle) - discussing a case in the conference room at hosting Jump.

The other members of the team are Tom Atanasov - front-end developer, Alexander Naydenov and Galin Stoimenov - back-end developers and Petar Hristov, about whom we spoke above.

Marketing Team

Our team is quite young, but solid and united! Boryana Popova joined the marketing team in 2023 as Marketing Manager. As a former client of the company, she won the Jump #Markethon 2021 competition and is now in a leadership position, where she can use her out-of-the-box thinking and high level of expertise to represent the company brilliantly.

Boryana Popova - Marketing manager of Hosting Jump

Boryana Popova - Director of Marketing and Business Development of Hosting Jump at an event.

Another member of the marketing team is Bojidara Tsoncheva (Dara). She is a marketing expert with several years of experience in the field. Dara is precise and pays attention to every detail. She loves going through the different stages of marketing. She enjoys her work and advertising is a true vocation for her.

Boryana Popowa (left), Bojidara Tsoncheva (right) and Borislav Stoyanov (in the middle) - celebrating the 20th birthday of WordPress (may, 2023).

Boryana Popova (left), Bojidara Tsoncheva (right), and Borislav Stoyanov (in the middle) - celebrating the 20th birthday of WordPress (may, 2023).

Our designer Krasimira Kuneva (Krasi) breathed new life into the avatar of the website and the frog is back after a few years break. Her greatest passion is juggling shapes and colors.

Another new member joined the marketing team In 2023 - Teodora Boyanova. This happened a few days after she graduated from the Higher Naval School with a degree in cyber security and is interested in digital marketing and SEO.

Teodora Boyanova and a cyber security expert at an event in the Naval Academy in Varna, October, 10th, 2023

Teodora Boyanova and a cyber security expert at an event in the Naval Academy in Varna, October, 10th, 2023

In 2024, another marketing figure joined the Jump Hosting marketing team - Denny! She is interested in content creation, marketing, and advertising.

The Success Engine or Just "Drago"

Dragomir Zhelev - also known to many as Drago, is the man who has made the biggest contribution to Hosting Jump staying on the crest of the wave in recent years and overcoming the obstacles in the market.

Dragomir Zhelev - Hosting Jump CEO

Dragomir Zhelev - CEO of Hosting Jump

His business acumen combined with his experience in system administration and customer experience are the foundation for sound business decisions and the company's success today.

When he took over Hosting Jump in 2015, he was already running a successful hosting company - Delta Cloud, which specialized in the provision and support of virtual dedicated servers and colocation with a focus on IT companies and corporate clients with specific computing power requirements.

The addition of Hosting Jump and NovaHost to the Delta family expands the portfolio of customers and services of the managed business. This brings not only opportunities but also challenges, which he is overcoming by expanding the team and investing in expertise through training and certification.

The successful manager's goal is for Hosting Jump to offer more services to more customers, which reveals part of the company's plans to introduce new services and conquer new markets.

Hosting Jump team

He is Back! (The Avatar Evolution)

Those of you who have been close to the company over the years know the memorable avatar well – the smiling frog! It has been present in the brand's atmosphere since its inception in 2011, but it has evolved and was absent from the website design for a while.

This is what the website design looked like - before the effective offer of hosting services began: avatar

Here's a look at the design of the Hosting Jump website at the very beginning:

At a later stage, the avatar gains personality:

This is followed by several years in which the Avatar is replaced by other figures that reflect current trends until he returns in 2022

And What's Next?

The direction of the company continues to move forward, towards new markets and upwards - with new services! Expect the best from us, we are sure that we will surprise you!

Hosting Jump - Premium hosting services at competitive prices!

Article from Boryana Popova

Boryana loves technology and has an affinity for explaining complex things in a simple and understandable way so that they are accessible to more people. He is also interested in AI, ML, SEO, copywriting, design, etc. With his attention to detail and the power of words, Boryana likes atypical and non-standard solutions and likes to think outside the box.

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