How To Use ImageMagick And GD Libraries For Free In Your Hosting Account

ImageMagick is a free, open source, cross-platform software package for viewing, creating, converting, modifying, and editing bitmap images.

ImageMagick support is included in our server configurations for "shared hosting" at Hosting Jump. You can use this handy tool by setting your software application to use the following start path:


The libraries themselves support several formats and are constantly updated. If you would like to see the current list of formats, we recommend that you perform the following actions:

  1. Create a new file in a public directory with the extension “.php”. For example, “info.php”.
  2. Enter in it:
<?php phpinfo(); ?>
  1. Save the changes

If you have created the file in question in the "public_html" directory or another directory that is the root directory for an additional domain, load the following address into your browser: - from here you can retrieve the necessary information.

If you do not see Imagick in the php file above, do the following:

  1. Open the control panel of your hosting account - cPanel.
  2. Open the "Select PHP version" field
  3. Activate “Imagick” for the version you are using as indicated in the screenshot below:
How to activate iMagic

We hope this short post was helpful if you need free image editing software for your hosting account!

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Article from Tihomir Georgiev

With more than 10 years of experience in technical support, Tihomir's main objective is to train our customers in the use of the services or related software.

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