What Is Hosting and How Does It Work?

Every day we go the same way - home. Just as we have our place in the world, our website also has its own home, which is called hosting. Depending on how big our project is, we choose a different place for its home.

When it is still small and just starting, it is assigned a place in shared hosting, along with many other neighboring websites. As it grows and has more guests (visitors), its virtual hosting space is expanded and it gets a much bigger home that suits its needs, a VPS (virtual server where you administer and manage your website).

In today's article, we answer one of the most frequently asked questions to our team of experts, namely what hosting is, what it does for you, and what the different types of hosting services are.

As a hosting company offering high-quality hosting and domain services, we strive to meet the needs of our customers and take care of their online projects as best we can so that you can focus on your business while we work for you.

Hosting Jump - Premium hosting services at competitive prices!

The hosting service is the home of your website. This is the virtual space where you upload all your website's data and files. If you don't just type the domain name into the Internet search engine, users can access your website from anywhere in the world via a specific hosting server where all the information is stored.

Hosting servers are very powerful computers (server is a synonym for computer) that are housed in special data centers and take care of storing various websites.

The hosting company Jump.bg works with Equinix - a Tier 3+ data center, which means that it has various connections such as power, internet, cooling, and everything necessary for the smooth operation of your website.

Data centers in large racks house dozens of servers that store your projects. The special features of the Equinix data center ensure that it is almost impossible for a server to fail, which in turn ensures the continuity of your website.

You can also get to know the hosting service under the name web hosting. Both terms stand for the same service. To understand the specifics of web space, we first need to start with what a website is and what lies behind it.

What Is a Website?

The website contains text files, and a database, which are summarized in the form of pages and are overwritten with the domain name. The most common programming languages are PHP, CSS, and JavaScript.

The connection between the pages of a website is established by hyperlinks. All this data is located on a web-based server that stores this information. When you enter a domain name, a user request is made to the server, the page is loaded and your content is displayed.

Nowadays we say that a business is lost without a website because it is the easiest way to show who you are and the content you want to present to a wider audience. Hosting is a prerequisite for the existence of your website in the online space.

The Mandatory Elements for a Digital Presence Are:

  • Website (the simplest option is to create it via a CMS platform)
  • Domain name
  • Hosting

WordPress is the most popular and widely used CMS for creating a website. More than 50% of websites worldwide are created on the WordPress platform, but some are created by programmers or similar. Customized websites.

Do not just think about hosting your website, think about the name you want to give it.

What Is a Domain Name?

The domain name represents your address in virtual space, they are expressed numerically because to avoid users having to memorize such a long system, a DNS server - Domain Names System - was invented to translate this code and convert it into the combination of letters you have acquired.

Each name must have a domain extension that designates the area in which your business will develop. This is the so-called TLD (top-level domains) - first-level domains such as .com, .org, .edu and others.

We have told you that the content of your website is loaded when a user sends a request to the web server, and this web server is located on a physical server in the data center.

What Is the Difference Between a Physical Server and a Web Server?

A physical server is a very powerful computer that maintains a constant connection to the Internet and supports the loading process of your website.

A web server is software on your computer that enables the content of your website to be loaded. It receives the user's request when they enter the domain name in the search engine.

What Can I Use My Hosting Service For?

  • You will need to provide a domain name for the hosting service you wish to apply for - this is the name of your business that potential users will use to search for you and will be the main domain of your hosting plan. When creating the application for the hosting service at Jump.bg, you have the option to register a new domain, transfer an existing domain (from another hosting company to us), or mark an already registered domain.
  • You will store all data and files on your website, which will be online around the clock and connected to the Internet at all times. At Hosting Jump, we pride ourselves on the low downtime of the websites hosted on our servers
  • You can create emails with your domain name (for example office@YourDomain.com), which can increase the credibility of the potential customers if they want to contact you by e-mail
  • You can rely on our highly qualified team of professionals to ensure the smooth running of your online projects

Types of Hosting Solutions and How to Choose the Right One

Don't worry if you can't decide which solution is right for your business needs. We can provide you with comprehensive advice on choosing the most suitable hosting service for your business. Here Are the Main Types of Hosting:

Shared hosting (web hosting)

Shared hosting (web hosting) is favored by small and start-up businesses. It is characterized by uploading a certain number of websites to a physical server. Its possibilities are limited as you share the sites with several companies.

It is preferred by consumers because of its low price and high quality. At Hosting Jump, we provide 24/7 technical support for every shared hosting plan, as well as an optimized LiteSpeed server that makes your website load lightning fast. You also get a free SSL certificate with the package to protect you from hacker attacks.

WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is specially optimized for the needs of the most widely used CMS platform WordPress. It has more CPU and RAM than the regular shared hosting plan. If you have purchased a hosting package optimized for WordPress, you can install a theme for your website with just a few clicks.

Here you will find a short guide on how to create your WordPress website in a few simple steps.

If you are experiencing difficulties with WordPress and prefer to focus on the business side of your project, take a look at our service - WordPress Support. Our team of experts with extensive experience will take care of the optimal functioning of your website.

WordPress Support by Hosting Jump

Virtual server (VPS)

A virtual server allows you to manage your service yourself and have more space, security, and control. This is a suitable hosting service for larger websites and online stores. When purchasing this service, cPanel can be installed at the customer's request, for which an additional license fee is charged.

Dedicated server

A dedicated server offers you the opportunity to use your independent hardware resource in the Jump.bg - Equinix data center.

Reseller hosting

Reseller Hosting allows you to manage a shared hosting service for yourself or your customers by accessing the Web Host Manager (WHM) and our technical team will take care of the support.

We do not limit the number of inodes - files that are stored on your website. With every hosting plan purchased from us, you receive an unlimited number of files and folders.

How Do We Provide Unlimited Storage Space?

Various customers come to us with this problem. They tell us that they have enough disk and CPU space, but need to change their plan because they are running out of file storage.

On a shared hosting server, this storage space is of course also limited. We achieve this result because we keep a relatively small number of hosting accounts on a server and thus provide each customer with the required disk space.

What Features Should You Look Out for When Buying a Hosting Plan?


Traffic is the amount of data that runs through your website, such as users, information, and files are summarized under the common name Traffic. All hosting plans at Hosting Jump offer unlimited traffic.

Disk space

Disk space is another important feature in the amount of disk space included in your hosting plan, as this determines how many files and information you can upload to your website.


If you are a beginner and just starting your business, it is normal that you do not know what kind of traffic to expect in the coming months. We recommend checking your plan for an option to upgrade to a higher plan if you go over the limit to make sure you do not run into problems if you go over the limit.

Technical support

When choosing a hosting provider, check what technical support is offered. We provide round-the-clock help in the event of a problem. So you can be sure that if you have a problem, someone will be there to support and help you.


When choosing a hosting service, it is of great importance that it includes a backup. This is a backup copy of your business content. In the event of a problem, you can quickly restore your website information.

Control Panel - cPanel

It is also important to know how to manage the hosting services you have purchased. We provide a free cPanel for all shared hosting users. From there, you can monitor and manage all services via Jump.bg's customer profile. From the control panel, you can install various applications via Softaculos. The most frequently downloaded application is WordPress.


If your website does not load instantly these days, there's a good chance that potential users will leave and not come back. Google indexes websites based on their loading speed when a user performs a search.

Your website must be lightning-fast. We provide the right solution - the LiteSpeed web server, with which we guarantee this speed. It is free with all shared hosting services.

Number of domains

When purchasing the service, it is important to check how many additional domains you can store on your hosting. The higher the package you purchase, the more domains are available to you.

Can I See the Hosting Service? How Do I Know That It Is Working Properly?

You cannot see or touch the hosting service. You can make sure of the quality of the service by thinking about whether you have any problems loading the website after purchase or if other cases have occurred that require technical support.

We advise you to always check carefully which service you are buying and whether it is suitable for your needs. Ask what extras you get with your tariff and whether you can get help from a technical representative of the company if you have any problems.

Hosting Jump - Premium hosting services at competitive prices!

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