WordPress - Myths and Legends

Over the years, WordPress has developed into one of the most powerful tools for creating websites. The CMS is already used by millions of people, including experienced professionals as well as web enthusiasts, and even people with other businesses who have just decided to create their own websites.

The History of WordPress - the Most Widely Used CMS Today!

Over time, several myths have accumulated around the platform, some of which are particularly frightening, especially for the last category - people who are trying to do something on their own for the first time.

For others, it has long been clear that behind the name WordPress lies the general work that scares many people, tried and tested professionals, and the CMS is now used not only for creating small blogs, but even some of the largest and most prestigious international websites rely on it.

We have decided to explain to you just how wrong some of the things are that some people with insufficient experience believe to be true.

WordPress Is Just a Blog

Even though WordPress was just that in its early days, thanks to open source, the platform has very quickly evolved into a powerful tool for creating much more complex websites. In this respect, it sometimes differs from Wordpress.com - a service that allows you to create your self-hosted website - fast, simple, and straightforward.

However, just like WordPress, which you can use on your Jump hosting with us, Wordpress.org is a powerful website builder. One that has already been used to create almost 49% of websites on the internet.

The platform has long been used to create numerous corporate websites, online shops, news sites, and government portals, and many Fortune 500 companies rely on it for their websites.

One of the most popular plugins for WordPress - WooCommerce - is the largest eCommerce platform - bigger than Shopify, Magento, and others you may have heard of.

WordPress Is Not Secure

One of the popular myths spread by knowledgeable and uninformed users is that WordPress websites are not secure at all, can be easily hacked and you cannot create a serious website with it. False.

The fact that it is an open-source project means that it is easier to detect errors and faster to "fill". Even if you are not a professional, there are many ways to make a secure CMS installation so that your website is more secure than others.

After creating your website, you have the option of using services that further increase security and prevent attacks. WordPress is not only secure but with a few simple steps can become more secure than any other customized website you have created or commissioned.

WordPress Is Not Good for E-commerce

We have already dispelled this myth a little above. Tons of plugins quickly turn WordPress into a powerful commerce platform. Even if we exclude WooCommerce, which according to statistics is used to build around 43% of e-shops on the web, there are still plenty of solutions that will give you exactly what you need for your business.

One of the features of the project is that there is an already-created add-on for almost everything you can think of, so it is very quick and easy to add or remove different features to your website without leaving holes or errors.

The Future of WordPress Is Unclear

Some time ago, articles appeared about the profits of the company officially behind WordPress. However, everything to do with the company is speculation. Whatever happens to the parent company, the model on which this CMS was created makes it immortal.

It's open source and millions of people are developing things related to it. Even if someone drops out, unlike many other services, it will not simply disappear. Behind it is practically not one person or one company, but a huge community of programmers from all over the world with different nationalities.

The community is constantly growing and everything has long since outgrown the boundaries of the foundation that is officially behind the project. Automattic, the company behind WordPress, WooCommerce, and several other essential plugins, has grown exponentially in recent years and continues to do so at an extremely rapid pace.

WordPress Has No Support or Not Enough Support

This is a myth spread mainly by people who have not worked with the platform. There is a huge amount of help available on the internet that you can get for free. In the form of advice, and information from various forums and groups.

Almost everything that causes you problems has already been discussed and solved on the internet. For some things, you do not even need to know English, because there is also a lot of help in Bulgarian.

At the same time, each plugin you have a problem with has its support. For a small fee for a subscription or for the purchase of the plugin itself you can get professional help, with some also by phone if that is more convenient for you.

WordPress Support by Hosting Jump

WordPress Is Free. Free Is Poor Quality

These are two myths in one. Installing WordPress is free, and without paying extra money, you can do a lot of high-quality things. However, the quality is guaranteed by the fact that almost every product used with the CMS has gone through the hands of many programmers.

Even if something hasn't worked properly, it has already been fixed by someone who knows it. Also, not everything is free. There are complex add-ons that cost money - they are bought additionally and accordingly work at a very high quality, as they compete with free alternatives that are already good.

All WordPress Websites Look the Same

The myth is based on the fact that websites do look the same after the initial installation. Many people decide in favor of one of the themes that are available at the beginning and use them that way.

However, there are millions of different themes on the web, you can develop your own, and that makes the sites different. Many of the websites you see on the internet are running WordPress without you realizing it.

These include the websites of CNN, Microsoft, Adobe, the New York Times, and many others. After the initial setup, it's all about customization. Many different things can be done.

WordPress Is for Beginners

That is true to a certain extent, and that is part of the great strength of the whole project. You can indeed install it with your basic computer skills and do things with it. However, some of the best developers in the world work with WordPress.

They create websites, themes, plugins, and everything related to the project and you have access to it. If you acquire coding skills over time, they will certainly help you do some things yourself without having to order anything extra.

WordPress Is Not Suitable for High-Traffic Websites

We have already partially dispelled this myth by naming some of the websites that work with the platform. It all comes down to speed. A basic installation without additional optimizations would struggle with more traffic.

But there is a very simple and precise solution for this - both free and paid. Again, you can set things up yourself so that your website runs fast. But everything, like traffic, comes with time. However, it is true that many WordPress websites have a lot of traffic and are fast enough at the same time.

After all, WordPress is a great tool for creating websites, and its greatest charm and advantage is that it can be used both by professionals with years of experience in creating Internet projects and by people who are sitting in front of something like this for the first time.

Thanks, to its open-source code, it has several advantages that other similar CMSs lack. This is the reason why it is recommended by many specialists.

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