Case Study: How Marketing Vision Wins With Hosting Jump

"I have been working with Hosting Jump for over 10 years since 2011 - the company was founded. I am very happy with the quality of service and support I receive. I have over 70 client websites in my account and I can always rely on excellent service in case of an issue" - Petromir Penchev, owner and CEO of digital agency Marketing Vision.

One of the missions of the hosting company Hosting Jump is to turn its customers into trusted partners with whom they can achieve success together and set common goals. In today's article, we learn more about the successful partnership between Hosting Jump and the digital agency Marketing Vision, which has been operating in the Bulgarian and international markets for 5 years.

Who are Marketing Vision?

Marketing Vision is a digital agency that supports companies from various sectors and offers them the creation and maintenance of websites as well as digital positioning in social networks.

In the time the agency has been operating, it has acquired clients from different sectors and from different countries, which allows it to expand the team's knowledge and familiarize itself with cases outside Bulgaria.

One of the agency's most successful projects is building and maintaining the website of - the largest online media in this region, which receives almost 6 million views annually and has more than 20 thousand visitors daily.

Another well-known project of the agency is the online store of the Bulgarian soccer champion of recent years - Ludogorets. Since its foundation, the agency has been part of the affiliate program of the hosting company HostingJump.

"HostingJump has always been the company I trust for all services related to hosting and domains. When you build websites for your customers, it is very important who you trust and in which environment you build them.

But even after the website has been created, it is important that it works correctly and without problems. I have been working with HostingJump for over 10 years and currently manage over 70 of our clients' websites in their portal."

What Problem Did Marketing Vision Have Before Using Hosting Jump?

Every single agency that deals with the creation and maintenance of various websites (corporate websites, online stores, online media) faces the serious challenge of how to manage customer profiles, not only when a case arises with their site.

The troubleshooting procedure was taking too much time because the agency had to contact the client first, explain exactly what the problem was, and how it could be solved, and the client accordingly had to provide access to their hosting account so that a marketing employee could agency to log in through it, contact the hosting provider and resolve the issue. It is fatal for a site if it is not online and its downtime increases.

This results in a loss of customers and any future orders that consumers may place. Marketing Vision needed to be able to access their customers' accounts and, if a problem arose, find a solution immediately, rather than wasting unnecessary time on unnecessary procedures that slowed down the website.

"When you're running an online media website that gets hundreds of thousands of visitors every day, the hosting environment plays a crucial role." - Marketing Vision, Petromir Penchev

How Did We From Hosting Jump Solve The Problem Marketing Vision?

The hosting company HostingJump offers its customers who are active in the field of web development a partner program that enables them to manage their customers' accounts via a single profile. This option makes the entire management of all customer services extremely quick and easy.

"We use HostingJump's services because of the high level of service. We know that we can always count on incredible support. Over the years, there has always been extremely low downtime on the websites, which is very important for my customers" - also shared Petromir Penchev

The invoices that the hosting provider sends to customers can also be tracked via the user account. The services are paid directly to HostingJump without having to pay the marketing agency.

This allows clients to track exactly how much money they are paying for the use of their hosting services while giving them access to their websites and retaining full rights to their accounts. They can also track their clients' order renewal deadlines via the Marketing Vision partner network account.

HostingJump's affiliate program allows its partners to earn from the provision of hosting services and domain names. In addition to easy management of the services offered via the customer profile, a commission is earned on each customer order, which is paid to the partner when a certain amount is reached.

HostingJump partners receive additional revenue not only for purchasing new services through the members area but also for each contract renewal through our partners program.

If you are a marketing or web agency, take care of the creation of online stores or websites, join our partners program. Manage your customer services from one place and simplify your work process. Contact us at to find out how you can become our partner!

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