Hosting Jump - 13 Years in the Heart of Innovations!

Boryana Popova

February is a special month for us at hosting Jump - we're celebrating our 13th birthday in 2024 and we have chosen a rather atypical approach to celebrate our anniversary.

For the party, we chose the data center where our infrastructure is built - Equinix SO2 - a globally recognized symbol of high-tech innovation!

We invited our friends and partners to find out more about us, details from the kitchen, behind-the-scenes secrets and to see the data center from the inside!

Hosting Jump - Premium hosting services at competitive prices!

What is Equinix SO2?

We have briefly mentioned what Equinix SO2 is, but we will give you a little more information to help you understand why we wanted to have our party there!

Equinix is a significant American company that specializes in building data centers. These are specially designed buildings in which the best conditions are guaranteed for the flawless operation of servers.

Anyone who uses a home computer, laptop or telephone knows that the device heats up and emits heat with increasing load, making cooling necessary.

Imagine that there are many such devices gathered nearby that need to be cooled or, more precisely, air-conditioned. Can we do this at home? For one or two devices - yes, but for thousands - difficult!

But your home computer not only needs to be cooled to work, it also needs power! And what happens when there's no power - it fails!

In the premium data centers, all these risks have been thought through several times and measures have been taken so that - the power supply is never interrupted, the cooling is impeccable and everything is hyper-innovative!

We wanted to offer our friends the opportunity to immerse themselves in another world - where the Internet "lives"! din world with ironclad rules and discipline to be your website - always online!

Equinix - the company we trust to co-locate our infrastructure has a history of over 25 years in the business, with over 250 data centers on 5 continents!

The company has impeccable know-how that we would like to share with our friends! Because it is amazing!

The only downside to our idea was that space is limited - we didn't have the opportunity to invite everyone! But if you want to experience that, contact our marketing manager - Boryana Popova on LinkedIn so she can book you for the next event!

The Beginning!

We had planned to gather between 9:30 and 10:00 am. Our marketing manager was waiting for the guests directly at the portal to help them register and accompany them to the venue.

The site is heavily guarded, access is restricted and people can only be admitted with prior notice.

Jump.BG celebrates 13 years in Equinix SO2 - Registration

The guests were welcomed by Georgi Dimitrov - Managing Partner - and Elitsa Manoilova from the sales department with aromatic coffee to get them off to a good start.

A conversation over coffee

To our pleasant surprise, all the guests managed to arrive on time so that we were able to start the presentation we had prepared at 10 a.m.

The discussions were already heated before the event began!

We trusted Boryana Popova and Georgi Dimitrov because we were sure that we were placing our guests in the most caring and attentive hands with love and attention!

Jump.BG celebrates 13 years in Equinix SO2 - we present

Hosting Jump - The Beginning

We're 13 years back when a couple of guys were passionately discussing one summer evening how they could do better if they started their own hosting company.

A few months later, their dream saw the light of day and they took their first steps into entrepreneurship. The company started with the services that are still offered today - shared hosting, domains, virtual servers, and more! Even the payment methods we use today existed back then!

Evolution Over the Years!

The collision with reality is head-on! It's one thing to know about hosting and system administration to serve customers, and quite another to take care of the business and its prosperity!

But with perseverance and persistence, they made it, and in 2015 Delta Cloud grows by acquiring hosting Jump to expand the team's horizons!

The company will keep its name and identity and acquire at a later date in early 2020 - Nova Host!

We have published the history of the company with further details and information in the publication "Hosting Jump - History of Success!". We will leave a link to it at the end of this post.

From a presentation with 44 slides - we dedicated 2 to hosting Jump. All the others were for Delta Cloud - the company behind hosting Jump, the company that has provided hosting Jump's technical infrastructure from its inception to today, and the company that many know very little about!

When Delta Cloud was introduced as a sponsor of the monthly WordPress Meetup events organized by Niki Krastev in the spring of 2023, there was an extremely high level of interest in the company and an explosion of questions.

That's why we've decided to give our friends more information from the kitchen, presented clearly and comprehensibly!

Jump.BG celebrates 13 years in Equinix SO2 - for Delta.BG

Delta Cloud - An Established Market Leader!

The company was founded in 2009 and celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, 2024, but its founder, Dragomir Zhelev, has been active in this field for many years.


As we have already mentioned, Hosting Jump rented its first servers in Bulgaria from Delta Cloud, and this partnership still exists today.

Delta.BG - Innovative smart cloud technologies, virtual and rented servers, leader in the field of specialized cloud solutions.

Standing in front of this slide, we boldly and daringly jumped into the cloud to take a look together - what is cloud, what are cloud technologies and why are some clouds smarter than others?

The Services of Hosting Jump and Delta Cloud!

Of course, we have looked at the services of Delta Cloud and Hosting Jump - how much they overlap and how much they differ.

The target customers of Hosting Jump are smaller or newly founded companies that need Website hosting, WordPress hosting with WordPress support, hosting for online stores - WooCommerce hosting, PrestaShop hosting, OpenCart hosting, Magento Hosting, domains, SSL certificates, virtual servers (VPS), or managed cloud VPS. Everything a medium-sized company needs, with the necessary attention, love, and care in terms of the skills and expertise of the company and its team.

What wins the company its customers is the attitude and cand are, affordable prices for first-class services. In the video below you can see the customer reviews on Trustpilot:

In a few words, we can summarize that Hosting Jump targets B2C customers, while Delta Cloud, on the contrary, is a B2B company.

For these companies, Delta Cloud offers specialized cloud solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. Just as we can customize a dress, we can customize a cloud.

Delta.BG - Smart Cloud решения

This type of service is usually intended for larger companies, with an already established and established business that is scaling and needs an optimal approach with lots of automation, monitoring, and 24/7 support, which we can provide with our exceptional expertise and rich experience!

Boryana Popova - director of marketing and business development presents - Delta.BG - services we offer

Delta Cloud does not offer shared hosting or domains and never has. Businesses that use Delta Cloud's services have outgrown the need for shared hosting and now have a domain for their business.

Delta.BG - services we offer

We have focused on the service - Cloud VPS - and what the difference is between Cloud VPS and a simple virtual server. We also answered the question of what the difference is between a server and a virtual server.

Delta Cloud has been offering virtual servers since its inception, and currently, the products are differentiated, such as Basic Cloud, CPU Op, Optimized, and Memory Optimized, so that we can respond to the specific needs of each company.

Cloud virtual servers from Delta.BG

For some purposes, the balanced ratio between CPU and RAM is the golden mean that our Basic Cloud offers. For other purposes, more computing power is needed, as we offer our CPU-optimized solutions for others, having the most RAM is crucial and they focus on the memory-optimized virtual machines.

Georgi Dimitrov presented - Cloud virtual servers from Delta.BG

We have published more information about our new service - Delta Marketplace - which allows you to quickly and easily install a virtual server with a basic application in just a few clicks.

Boryana Popova - Director of Marketing and Business Development presents - Delta Marketplace

We have talked about the need for system administration - one of the services in our portfolio - and how important it is for entrepreneurs to focus on their business goals by entrusting the maintenance of online resources to the appropriate specialists.

System administration from Delta.BG

The Latest Generation of DDoS Protection!

In 2023, Delta Cloud implemented a new AI-based DDoS protection to meet the demands of the new reality.

As technology advances, DDoS attacks are becoming more complex and multi-layered, and commonly available defenses are no longer as effective.

For us and our customers, we needed more specialized DDoS protection in a global network, with the ability to apply individual filters depending on the type of attack and the protected object.

We offer such an innovative and affordable solution through our partner Path Network, as its exclusive representative for the Balkan Peninsula.

Delta.BG is the exclusive representative of Path Network on the Balkan Peninsula

As part of our partnership with Path Network, we have set up a PoP (Scrubbing Center) in Sofia - in the data center where our infrastructure is built - Equinix SO2.

The DDoS protection we offer is based on a global anycast network with over 20 PoPs on 5 continents, a capacity of 12 Tbps, and direct connectivity to over 23 IXs.

Anycast network of Delta.BG's DDoS protection
Scrubbing centers in the Anycast network of Delta.BG's DDoS protection

The key technologies include:

  • eBPF/XDP - for packet filtering directly in the Linux kernel to bypass the traditional network stack, resulting in lower latency;
  • AI - artificial intelligence - to analyze traffic in real-time and identify which object it is to apply the appropriate protection;
  • Dynamic firewall with hope-punching for efficient protection with low latency.

At the event, we explained the importance of each of these key benefits to the audience. If you need more information or a personalized quote, you can contact us.

Delta Cloud provides DDoS protection for all its customers using cloud, virtual or rented servers (at no additional cost). This means that the virtual servers we offer are DDoS protected by default - at the connectivity level.

We can provide DDoS protection for a server, network, or application outside of our cloud as follows:

  • BGP connection via standard Ethernet uplink (cross-connect) with integrated DDoS filters;
  • BGP connection via IX - private session, if supported
  • BGP connection via GRE tunnel over the public Internet access to the nearest filtration center in our network;

Backup-As-A-Service From Delta Cloud

Another new service from Delta Cloud's security portfolio is Backup-as-a-Service - a fully automated, incremental backup for the reliable archiving of compressed, encrypted, and deduplicated data in a distributed architecture.

Boryana Popova - Director of Marketing and Business Development presented Backup-as-a-Service from Delta.BG

We asked the audience whether they create backups and whether they have ever had to restore data from backups, and they all answered in the affirmative.

No matter how smoothly a project runs, unpleasant situations arise sooner or later and salvation lies in the backups we have carefully and cautiously created over time.

We offer flexible solutions where you can decide for yourself how many devices you want to integrate and how much storage space you want to use - at a very reasonable price. Management is straightforward via a web-based console. All you need to access your backups is the Internet and a browser.

Georgi Dimitrov presented - Backup-as-a-Service from Delta.BG

An automation-enabled solution is invaluable. Once you have set up the system - which devices to include, which items to protect, how often to back up, and how many to keep - you do not have to worry. You press the start button and the system works for you - so you can sleep soundly and look after the wellbeing of your business.

Some of the guests at the event

You can also save your family memories so you have something to show your grandchildren.

The Team of Delta Cloud!

Our team is one of our greatest assets. Delta Cloud started with a modest team of 3 people and a love for servers, networks, and Linux. Over the years, the team has grown by a few people every year and will be almost 40 people by 2024.

The Delta.BG team

We are proud that the people with whom the company started are developing within it and that the team is growing and increasing its expertise, which is also protected by several certificates!

Delta.BG team's certificates

ISO Certificates

When we highlight the personally protected certificates of our experts, it is appropriate to confirm that we are ISO-certified:

ISO certificates of Delta.BG

Earn with Delta Cloud and Hosting Jump

Both companies offer affiliate programs with affiliate links, promo codes, and other opportunities. Elitsa Manoilova introduced them to the audience. If you need more information, you can contact a sales expert in the chat of both companies.

Elitsa Manoilova presented the partner programs of Delta.BG and Jump.BG

After almost an hour of discussion about the two companies -Hosting Jump and Delta Cloud, it was time to move and prepare for a tour of the data center.

Walk in Equinix SO2

For me, this is an extremely uplifting experience, no matter how many times I go in and "see the same thing", but each time with a little upgrade - I hear a little more, see a little more, make a lot more sense!

What is amazing to me is how a company with extensive experience builds traditions based on know-how and brutally adheres to every detail - without compromise, because one small mistake can lead to the shutdown of critical infrastructure.

Starting with the 5-stage security system, the redundant power supply with 4 independent energy units, the internet routes, the innovative air conditioning system, and the fire alarm and extinguishing system.

You have to see it, it's hard to say. That's why we wanted to share this world with our friends, even if it's not possible for many.

Due to the security precautions, it was not possible to take photos of the facilities, except on the roof :)

Walk through the data center

Networking With Catering

On vacation, like on vacation! After the tour, we excitedly gathered around sweet and savory treats to exchange impressions, and new partnerships with impressive business potential were born. That was the gift for us and our satisfaction - we shared knowledge and saw hands reach out!

You can see more footage from the event in the video below:

Article from Boryana Popova

Boryana loves technology and has an affinity for explaining complex things in a simple and understandable way so that they are accessible to more people. He is also interested in AI, ML, SEO, copywriting, design, etc. With his attention to detail and the power of words, Boryana likes atypical and non-standard solutions and likes to think outside the box.

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