What are the Benefits of Using LiteSpeed Web Server for Website Hosting?

Boryana Popova

LiteSpeed is a lightweight web server that makes much better use of system resources, which can be a huge improvement over other web servers like Apache.

This is achieved by the way the code is written and how it handles the system. Thus, without changing CPU or RAM parameters, more competitive connections are achieved, and the overall speed of websites is improved.

Alternative of Apache

LiteSpeed is a direct replacement for Apache and supports the .htaccess, mod_rewrite, and mod_security modules. This means that the end user doesn't have to make any changes to the page itself or make any additional settings.


The web server has built-in protection against DDoS attacks, which provides you with an additional layer of protection. In addition, as already mentioned, mod_security is supported, which provides you with the necessary protection. Additional bruteforce protection against WordPress platforms is also included.


LiteSpeed has a built-in cache that significantly reduces both the consumption of system resources and the loading time of a page. In addition, there are also specially developed cache applications for the most common systems, such as WordPress, vBulletin, Prestashop, and others.

Simplified Configuration

No additional reverse proxy configuration for HTTPS or better loading of static content is required. This significantly reduces the susceptibility to errors.

Optimized PHP

With its unique architecture, LS also offers an optimized interpretation of PHP (lsphp) that runs significantly better and, above all, faster.

As you can see, this web server offers the most important things for the end user—comfort, speed, and security—many times better than its competitor, Apache, without having to sacrifice system resources. For this reason, we have decided to provide our customers with shared hosting plans with LiteSpeed web servers.

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